Good Products
Need Good Packaging

You’re launching a new brand or product or are making a line extension of an existing product. You need to bring “new life” to the current packaging. You want to pass the packaging side of the product development to another – A packaging supplier who is passionate about packaging and has the contacts, infrastructure, personnel, and technical expertise. You want a company with a broad reach of supply. We are here to help you realize your vision. You can spend your time doing what you do best – develop and market your brand.

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Are you launching a new product or rebranding an existing product?

Your Challenges

Product Development

Your product has purpose and presence

You’re in the product development stage and need packaging renditions, models or comps for marketing and sales. You need a chemist, a fragrance expert, or small batch manufacturing.

Packaging Solutions

We create packaging that takes your breath away

Packaging is more than a bottle. Packaging is a statement of your brand. Your brand’s first impression. Your product’s identity. Packaging leaves a lasting impression with the consumer.

Marketing Solutions

The whole package
More than packaging

You need additional experts – patent attorney for intellectual property protection, marketing or branding agencies, PR firms. We can help with your marketing needs by connecting you with an array of services.

Your Product Needs
More than Packaging

Consider us your touchstone to the extra services you require.

Over the last 40 years we’ve won multiple awards for packaging. We’ve also connected with other service providers. You might need to connect with them to make your brand’s journey as smooth as possible. You might need a new product chemist, a testing laboratory for compatibility or shelf-life stability, a fragrance expert, small batch manufacturing, or contract filling.

More than packaging.
The total source for packaging needs.


“You’ve been the best outside packaging contractor I’ve met. You’ve been super responsive, informative, and helpful.”

Mickie N.,

“The labels look great!! The idea you had about the black type was excellent!!! I want to send you the night eye repair so that you can see how great it looks.”

Barbara Q.,

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