Folding Carton Packaging

  • Board folding cartons 
  • Clear and printed plastic folding cartons

Packaging Products

Rigid Gift Set-up Boxes

  • Square corner set-up boxes
  • Round or oval set-up boxes
  • Full telescope cover boxes
  • Flush sides, cover and base boxes
  • Vacuum formed platforms
  • Foam inserts
  • Rigid board inserts with masks
  • Outer board sleeves

Canisters and Tub Packaging

  • Spiral wound board canisters
  • Convoluted board canisters
  • Curl and disc ends
  • Stock plastic and metal end caps
  • Sifter plastic plug end caps
  • Custom plastic end caps
  • Stock color outer wrap options
  • Custom printed litho-labeled outer wraps 

Ribbons for Packaging enhancement

  • Custom or stock ribbons
  • Synthetic or natural
  • Rolls or pre-tied
  • Gold, silver stretch bands

Plastic Lids for Set-up Box Packaging

  • Clear or printed open or seamed corner lids
  • Inside or outside fit designs

Vacuum Forming

  • PS (polystyrene), PET vacuum formed platforms
  • Flocked vacuum formed platforms
  • Face-seal and trap-seal blisters
  • Clamshell packaging