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For over 30 years Creative Packaging Solutions has been providing clients with reliable, attractive packaging products.

We are recruited to improve current packaging appearance and cost-effectiveness.

We assist from the development stage of product conception through the launch.

CPS has witnessed the successful maturity over the years of many product lines. 

Coni Lefferts

From a trusted partnership relationship it has been rewarding to see the vision of each client's product realized.

Packaging is creative, market-sensitive, visible, precise, multi-faceted, long-term,  and even natural, classic and dramatic.

Packaging is a critical component of a product's success.


Creative Packaging Solutions Corporation continually strives to develop a partnership relationship with our clients to provide efficient, cost-effective and timely packaging containers, components or parts that will yield results.   The company is totally dedicated to our loyal clients.  We will excel from our extra effort to maximize each product's unique possibilities.


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